Sunday, May 4, 2008

Advances in the Treatment of Osteosarcoma

Webcast — Patient Power —

“Advances in the Treatment of Osteosarcoma” on

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 7:00 pm Central

WHAT: Webcast – M.D. Anderson Presents…“Patient Power” with Andrew Schorr

2,500 new cases of primary bone cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year. The Sarcoma Clinic at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center sees more sarcoma patients than any hospital in the country. Listen to this show to hear Dr. Christopher Cannon from M.D. Anderson’s Orthopaedic Oncology department discuss advances in the treatment of osteosarcoma, including new limb-sparing surgery methods. Listen to hear the latest news from a top expert in the field.


Christopher Cannon, MD: Assistant Professor of Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Oncology, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Andrew Schorr: Host and eleven-year CLL survivor

WHEN: Tuesday, May 6, 2008 from 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm Central Time



Patient Power debuted in February 2005 and is a weekly show hosted by Andrew Schorr, eleven-year leukemia survivor, patient educator and patient advocate. The show features renowned medical experts on topics that include cancer, pain, diabetes, and heart specialists, as well as experts in clinical trials and top pharmacists. The show serves to bring patients together in a radio and Internet community to help navigate an often inhospitable healthcare system. Patient Power takes questions from callers and Internet listeners on topics such as how to find the right doctor, how to advocate for effectively, when to get a second opinion from a specialist, and how to evaluate one treatment option over another.

An overriding goal of the program is to help listeners get smart about available treatments. To quote Andrew: “I am doing this to help other people see that they can be powerful patients too and it will make a big difference in their care. We aren’t selling things, and we have no agenda to push other than to take control of your own healthcare rather than allow the system to run roughshod over you. Our goal is to mentor and guide patients and families as they fight a serious illness to achieve the best health possible.”

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