Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Berkeley Yacht Club will be hosting the 2010 Sarcoma Cup

Howdy Sailors –

In our continuing efforts to provide you with the best possible regatta experience, and after months of top secret meetings with deep-pocketed sponsors, interviewing prospective host yacht clubs, carefully reviewing their extensive application forms, and performing thorough background checks, we have finally reached a decision. Our complex application scoring process heavily weighted kick-ass sailing, parties that would be illegal in most states, and dedication to this charity cause. One applicant towered above the rest…

…those wild and crazy folks at the Berkeley Yacht Club will be hosting the 2010 Sarcoma Cup !!! Congratulations BYC !!

Unfortunately, we are still sworn to secrecy on some of the event’s details. You may have heard rumors about special appearances by some of the SI swimsuit models at this year’s Sarcoma Cup. At this time I can neither confirm or deny these rumors. As soon as we can declassify the rest of the event details we will be making further announcements. Stay tuned.

So, far the following fleets have committed to the event and have it on their calendar:


Express 27


Alerion 28

Viper 640

Open 5.70

Santana 22s (Sunday)

So, if your fleet is not on this list, now’s the time to fix that J. Do your sailing friends a favor and pass this email on.

We will also be posting updates at


Mark Lowry

2010 Sarcoma Cup Regatta Co-chair

Express 27, #68, “Xena”


On behalf of your 2010 Sarcoma Cup organizing committee

Monday, March 1, 2010

BeatSarcoma 2010 Fun Run - Registration Opens!

Registration for the 2010 BeatSarcoma Fun Run/Walk is open!!! We are introducing a 'Fun/Themed/Costumed' category, a 1K and a 'Pet' category!

Come join us!

- if you are interested in volunteering, email

Come join us in Golden Gate Park -
Fun Run to raise funds to fight sarcoma. The sarcoma is a cancer that primarily affects children and young adults.