Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BeatSarcoma announces BeatSarcom'Art

BeatSarcoma's mission revolves around raising awareness for a little understood and little known cancer as well as enabling the ingeniousness of scientists by raising funds to support sarcoma research. To help with this goal, BeatSarcoma is launching a new program, BeatSarcom'Art, aimed at raising funds while providing visibility for the genius of little known artists. Proceeds from the sale of the paintings will go to the artist so he can continue to create. BeatSarcoma will charge a hosting fee. 100% of this fee will go toward sarcoma research. Prices are all inclusive.

The first event will be a private art exhibit for painter Herve Gigot, from Benin, West Africa. Mr Gigot draws his inspiration from the world around him and portrays himself as the messenger of those in need. With its lines and colors his paintings reflect the emotions, gestures, and attitudes that make up everyday life. His creations are explosions of joy, peace, friendship and sadness.
A versatile artist, Hervé expresses himself not only with acrylic, watercolor and oil, but also with natural materials such as clay, mahogany, and coffee, at times combining techniques. His art reveals his identity: Africa! Its incomparable richness and beauty, past and present, through its colors and exotic fragrances.

In particular, this exhibit speaks for the children who battle cancer, the women that are affected by a disease 'caused by ill-meaning spirits' - and brings a message of hope. Mr Gigot was moved by the lack of diagnostics tools and screening infrastructure for cancer in general and sarcoma in particular, in Africa.

View the paintings (email info @ beatsarcoma.org if you are interested in purchasing a painting)

If you are interested in receiving an invitation for this event, please email us.

Videos of the artist available at:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BeatSarcoma issues a $20,000 research gift to Stanford University

Nathalie Criou, President of BeatSarcoma and Nathan Bossett, CFO, awarded Stanford University the first BeatSarcoma research gift. BeatSarcoma works closely with the medical community to identify under-funded high impact projects that will be conducted by leading non-profit research institutions. It favors fundamental and translational research as the funding needs there are greater and the benefits far-reaching.

'Stanford is a world-class institution that is home to several physicians nationally known for their understanding of sarcomas', says Nathalie Criou. 'when I first came to the Cancer Center for treatment, its team approach to sarcoma research and patient care had shown some great results.'

From left to right: Charlotte Jacobs, M.D., Nathan Bossett and Nathalie Criou

The current knowledge of sarcoma is so limited that specialists find it hard to issue accurate and timely diagnoses. This is an important first step toward effective treatment plans. It is one of the reasons why research efforts focusing on pathology can open the door to so many new developments.

One of the goals of the project coordinated at Stanford is to expand tumor tissue collection, banking and analysis of all types of sarcoma to help physicians better predict clinical outcomes. 

Charlotte Jacobs, M.D., Drs Ben and A. Jess Shenson Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, says that 'sarcoma is a challenging disease that primarily affects people in the prime of their lives. It is also severely under-funded and research is still in its infancy. This gift from BeatSarcoma will enable the multi-disciplinary group of clinicians and researchers at Stanford to understand better the underlying pathology of the disease. In turn, this knowledge will help clinicians around the world make better treatment recommendations.'

To read more about the project, click here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Perfect Holidays Gift

BeatSarcoma has a portfolio of photographs that can be turned into cards, presents, clothing, playing cards, puzzles, key rings, etc...

They make perfect gifts! And all proceeds go to supporting Sarcoma Research - so you are making a double gift: life for sarcoma patients, and art for your loved ones.

Click on the BeatSarcoma Photo Link to start.

Dear Santa Claws,

I'd like to order the mouse pad with some cool BeatSarcoma photos on it. I have been a good kitty.

BeatSarcoma MasCat

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Announcing the Sarcoma Cup 2009 - August 22, 23 2009

BeatSarcoma and the Richmond Yacht Club are excited to announce the second edition of the Sarcoma Cup - it will take place on August 22&23, 2009 on San Francisco Bay. All proceeds will go to BeatSarcoma.
More details on the event website.

The 2008 Sarcoma Cup raised just shy of $18,500 - let's at least double this amount this year!