Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BeatSarcoma Makes a $5,000 Research Gift to UCSF

BeatSarcoma extended its support of Sarcoma Research to UCSF - as it exceeded its fundraising goals in 2009 and had more funds available than what it had already committed. UCSF has long been treating patients with sarcoma and recently decided to form a sarcoma research group.

'We have been discussing sarcoma research since our inception with UCSF and we are extremely pleased to see this development and honored to lend our support to this world-class institution' says Criou, BeatSarcoma President. 'UCSF offers sarcoma research projects that are very much in line with BeatSarcoma's funding philosophy.'

Dr. Eric Nakakura of UCSF, Nathalie Criou and Nathan Bossett of BeatSarcoma

Dr. Nakakura is a cancer surgeon who treats patients with soft tissue sarcoma. He also runs a translational research laboratory dedicated to understanding basic mechanisms of cancer growth that might be exploited to better treat patients. With the help of funding from BeatSarcoma, Dr. Nakakura and his laboratory will investigate the role of a critical growth and signaling pathway in human sarcoma--the mTOR pathway. His group will determine the expression and activity of mTOR pathway components in a diverse collection of human soft tissue sarcoma samples. They would then investigate the efficacy of mTOR inhibition on sarcoma growth in vitro and in vivo.

Dr. Nakakura supported BeatSarcoma's 2010 Fun Run on April 25 noting 'it means a lot to me to hear first hand the motivation for sarcoma research.'

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