Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BeatSarcoma 2010 Fun Run

James - 2nd place - pet category

Thank you everyone for coming to our third annual Fun Run!
It looks like we have raised more money than in the first two years combined

We will triple-check next time we book the venue to avoid buses driving through the course...print a map of the park for our volunteer massage therapist to save him from being lost...put a volunteer with a sign translated into 18 languages at the turnaround point and double up with signs at the beach saying 'if you read this, you have gone too far'...

The great news is that people came to run and they did plenty of running, some even ran around for a little while. People came to walk and they walked. Any extra distance did not cost any extra money...Dog came, ate treats, wore cool t-shirts and won prizes. Kids ran with a smile on their face and the sun was out to greet team Millie, team Lauren, team Paul and team Dave.

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Laura Bell Way said...

Hi There- we had a great time at the race! We're so pleased to have contributed towards sarcoma research! Here is a link to my blog story about the run. (I am the mom of Millie).