Thursday, October 20, 2011

Must-Read Articles

Here are some "must read" articles for newly diagnosed sarcoma patients

1. A Guide to the Sarcoma Universe for Those who Have Just Arrived (and the friends & family that support those with cancer)

2. The Importance of Second Opinions for Sarcoma

3. The Importance of Treatment at a Specialty Center for Sarcomas

4. Psychological Adaptation, Coping, and Distress in Adult-Onset Soft Tissue Sarcomas Although this article deals with adult patients with soft tissue sarcomas, I believe it is extremely helpful for medical teams, patients and caregivers dealing with all types of sarcoma and ages.

5. Newly Diagnosed with Sarcoma: A Guide To The Sarcoma Universe

6. Guidelines for newly diagnosed sarcoma patients and their families.

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