Monday, March 1, 2010

BeatSarcoma 2010 Fun Run - Registration Opens!

Registration for the 2010 BeatSarcoma Fun Run/Walk is open!!! We are introducing a 'Fun/Themed/Costumed' category, a 1K and a 'Pet' category!

Come join us!

- if you are interested in volunteering, email

Come join us in Golden Gate Park -
Fun Run to raise funds to fight sarcoma. The sarcoma is a cancer that primarily affects children and young adults.

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Bernd said...

I am looking forward with great anticipation to the BeatSarcoma Fun Run/Walk this coming Sunday.
For the last eight months, I have watched my brave daughter, Lauren, struggle through her chemotherapy, radiation and surgery with amazing strength. A year ago, she was training for the San Francisco Marathon, and we were hiking along the cliffs above Yosemite Valley. In an instant, life changed for all of us with her diagnosis. And yet, we have seen so many silver linings. The Stanford doctors, nurses and other cancer specialists have been a source of such strength for all of us. Lauren has seen the power of friendship and family as never before. We have been blessed with a level of generosity and support that we will always cherish. And watching Lauren in her struggles with this brutal disease and brutal treatment has given me a sense of pride like never before. Lauren's doctors are optimistic, and this event on April 25 begins the final 1 month countdown for her treatment. We are grateful to all those who are supporting this great cause and to the organizers of this event who give us all an opportunity to express our admiration for those who have to suffer in order to heal and return to their lives once again.