Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sarcoma International Awareness Week - bring your ideas for a BeatSarcoma Team!

The International Sarcoma Awareness week (ISAW) is also known as the Team Sarcoma Initiative (TSI). It is an internationally coordinated set of events to raise awareness of sarcoma and raise funds to support sarcoma research, clinical trials, and patient and family services. This annual effort consists of a wide variety of events that are held worldwide during the same week. Over 16,800 people participating in 2009, doubling last year’s participation and far surpassing our goal of 10,000 participants. 30 medical centers and 25 sarcoma advocacy groups were among the groups that hosted the 90 events that were held globally. Over $450,000 was raised by teams to support various cancer centers and advocacy groups.

The mantra of the Initiative is “Sarcoma Knows No Borders.” We use this phrase because sarcomas can occur anywhere in the body and they don’t discriminate based on age, gender, race or nationality. People from all over the globe participate in Team Sarcoma Events ― young and old, women and men, from countries across Europe, through Asia and Pacific regions, and in North, Central and South America.

Committed and caring people around the world have made the Team Sarcoma Initiative more successful each year. Our goal in 2010 is to have 20,000 people involved in a life-changing Initiative. Families are invited to plan events in their communities to increase awareness or raise funds for sarcoma research. Advocacy groups and cancer centers are invited to plan events that will strengthen their ties with patients and increase their reach. Whether enjoying a backyard barbeque, an educational seminar, or a thrilling race: Together, we are making a difference!

Help BeatSarcoma be a part of this - email us your idea at info at beatsarcoma dot org, or through comments on the blog/messages on our Facebook page:

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