Friday, January 22, 2010

Join the BeatSarcoma Dance Marathon in Austin this weekend!!!!

We are a group of Anderson High school seniors who have partnered with the charity BeatSarcoma to create a fun event that can benefit sarcoma research: a Dance Marathon. BeatSarcoma is a non profit organization completely devoted to raising awareness of sarcoma cancer and support for research. Sarcoma is one of the lesser funded cancers for research. All donated funds you give will go directly to research. This marathon is BeatSarcoma’s FIRST Texas fundraiser. For more information on BeatSarcoma and our mission please see Mission page. We are devoted to BeatSarcoma’s mission and want you to have a great time!

Now if you have never been to a dance marathon, there is just one main thing you must remember-

Dance Dance Dance! The last team on the dance floor just might win a prize!

Dinner is included!!!

Come help us beat sarcoma AND show off your moves! So let’s dance!

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