Wednesday, January 30, 2008

OCSC is partnering with Elise to beat sarcoma

BeatSarcoma is excited to announce a new partner for our 2008 Pacific Cup efforts - and feels very grateful to OCSC for their support.

OCSC isn't just a sailing school. It is a community of sailors - linked together by a shared love for the ocean. OCSC treats everyone as a friend and this friendship can transcend the boundaries of sailing. When a member of the OCSC community, stricken by cancer, decided to rise up and give back to the researchers who helped save her life, she naturally wanted to associate her love for sailing with this fight. This is how the BeatSarcoma Pacific Cup program started. And Nat, our Founder, was going to have to be part of it, along with Nathan, a long-time sailing partner. She would also have to hone her offshore sailing skills. And naturally, she turned to her alma mater - one of the best sailing schools in the country.

OCSC assigned its best instructors and enrolled Nat and Nathan into a celestial navigation program. OCSC is donating what it can do so well: sharing the knowledge and skills necessary to develop the confidence to sail safely anywhere in the world.

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